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****SND/CTF Strategy Category now open!!****


 Lord bleach wants to help!

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Lord bleach wants to help! Empty
PostSubject: Lord bleach wants to help!   Lord bleach wants to help! Icon_minitimeThu Sep 17, 2009 11:24 am

well,i have more ideas for cw team tactics,i really cant explain much right here,but if you make a pvt room in sandhog i can show you.but just to give you an idea of what i might be able to teach you is that the team gets in line behind cover in a corner and the person at the end covers the team from behind and in the front a teammate leaves his/her cover and looks for any hostile movement and if nobody is there the teammate crouches in cover and waits for another teammate to come to his spot.Then both of them cover the team and if a hostile force comes they will fire,the person in the corner if the line pops out of cover and supports the rest,meanwhile the others try to run to the other side and take cover and start firing.Then when the hostile force is neutralized,they move out and get ready for the next attack.What i think would be great is if we get one or two guys with heavy weapons such as the LAW,m60,Mk.48,K3,or the Minigun.Then some guys who can aim very well,their job is to cover the others while the heavy guys clean the area of hostile forces.And if the others get cover they can start to fire as well.But one of the most important rules is when a teammate is running for cover the guy in front of the line covers them.Well that was a preview of what i can teach you guys so you dont screw up and get banned from cwing.
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Lord bleach wants to help! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Lord bleach wants to help!   Lord bleach wants to help! Icon_minitimeTue Sep 22, 2009 12:04 pm

That's a great idea, but the only problem is that some well placed shots from an M32, a LAW or even some grenades and screw it all up.

It'd be interesting to see this in action, though. Maybe if a time is set we can all get together and try it out.
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Lord bleach wants to help!
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