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 EagleOps Halloween Event

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PostSubject: EagleOps Halloween Event   Fri Sep 18, 2009 7:54 am

Halloween 2009 Event
Battle your friends in the new Halloween Tournament for a chance to win 10,000K NX!!
On Halloween weekend, Friday the 30th and Saturday the 31st, a tournament will be held in the clan. It works very simply, you win, you move on, you lose, your eliminated.
There are however, two different branches in this tournament.
On one side of the bracket, the SMG users, on the other AR users.You battle your way to the top without being eliminated and the final match is the SMG winner v.s. the AR winner. All matches will be held at Junk Flea on that friday into the proceeding saturday and spectated by -TheBatman- and Crackerjack6. I will supply you all with an email adress at the end of this to register for the tournament. You must include which side (SMG or AR) you are going on.
The following is the default and required outfit. You must wear this from head to toe.
For SMG users:
-UMP w/ no modifications (no scope, clip, or supressor).
-MICH helmet
-No vest, face wear, backpack, etc, just MICH helmet.
-Desert Camo is required

For AR users:
-G36E w/ no midifications (no clip or supressor)
-MICH helmet
-No vest, face wear, backpack, etc, just MICH helmet
-Desert Camo is required

There will be no rematches
How to enter
-Email eagleopstourny@yahoo.com
Include your in game name and the section you will be registering for (AR/SMG)

Champion-10K NX
-2nd place SMG/AR get 40% EXP boosts

All who are eliminated early, or believe they just arent good enough, here is what you can do:
In the combat arms related section of these forums, start a new topic and name it
(YourName)'s Halloween Entry. Inside, include a good sized passage including your 10 best EagleOps moments, and why you are a proud member.
All who post one that stands out and is really well will get a 40% EXP boost.

Remember, have fun and kick ass.
We Are EO

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PostSubject: Re: EagleOps Halloween Event   Fri Sep 18, 2009 9:26 am

thnx bat for this event and gud idea. But is this gunna b liek 1 on 1 ? Btw Gl all and hf
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EagleOps Halloween Event
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