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 Combat Arms : Hacker Ownage

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Was this Pure Ownage?
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Damn Dude gimme Hax
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Dang Johnny that was Ownage
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Psh Hacking Nubs
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I wouldve Done Better :D
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Naw U Suck W/o Hax
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PostSubject: Combat Arms : Hacker Ownage   Mon Sep 28, 2009 10:24 am

Ok, so this is what happened...

Today in WaveRider Elimination when i joined the score was 12 Alpha and 0 Bravo. Apparently there were 3 Hackers against 2 Legit Players before I Joined. I asked them to stop and yelled at them and warned them if they dont stop I would own them, they didnt believe me :3. So I started to opk all 3 of them as well as speed around them to own them. I just kept opking the whole Alpha Team because they were too Nub to kick their Hackers, so as they kept trying to opk me I finished the game and the score ended with

Bravo : 100/100
Alpha : 93/100

Heres the Stats Us 4 Hackers :

JohnnyxF : 87/27

Kathh : 50/23
<Axx> : 19/38
<Other> : 17/9

[Info] If you wondering what the rest of my team did? During the time I was asking them to stop hacking my team managed around 8 kills of non hackers and then i began hacking and they only managed to camp and kill 5 more since I missed a few who tried to run out XD

[PS] I 4got the Name of the last 2, i know it was sumtin Axx and the other one I 4got but you get the picture :3
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Combat Arms : Hacker Ownage
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