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 Neeb's Junk Flea OMA guide.

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PostSubject: Neeb's Junk Flea OMA guide.   Tue Sep 29, 2009 3:13 pm

I have been playing Junk Flea One Man Army since I started playing Combat Arms, and probably play about 5 a day. I wouldn't consider myself a professional at it, but I have learned a lot of valuable information from just playing a heck of a long time.

There are a couple of things you as a player can do to give yourself the competitive edge in this specific map and game mode.

#1. Don't use suppressors.

Suppressors don't really give you any advantage in a map like Junk Flea. They lower damage and increase (full-auto) accuracy, but in a close-range combat situation, they only really lower damage. Unless you have a bullet hose like the Mac-10 (and even then I wouldn't use a suppressor) stay away from suppressors.

#2. Get the highest capacity magazines.

Let's face it, due to the nature of the close quarters and high player density of Junk Flea, you're not going to be alive more than about 30 seconds. During that period, you're probably lucky if you have to reload even once.

Do yourself a favor. Eliminate that reload. Weapons such as the UMP (which is one of my personal favorites) have a significant advantage over any other weapon in the fact that they carry 35 rounds standard and thus can carry a maximum of 50 rounds with a dual extended magazine. That is more than enough to last you for 30 seconds in most instances.

And don't bother with MGs.

#3. Jump around.

Run and keep bunny hopping the whole way through. A moving target is difficult to hit, even for sprayers, and a rapidly moving, erratic target is even more so.

Don't circle your enemy, as they will quickly catch on and trap you in a bullet wave. Instead, weave side to side as you either back off or run toward them (back off if using ARs, run toward if using SMGs) and avoid confronting them face on.

A general rule of thumb is that the enemy will usually have a stronger weapon than you. I have no idea why this is, but it happens quite a lot (and is the reason that some people have a lot of deaths). This is why rapid movement is such a big issue. Due to the weaker bullets loaded in your gun, you require more time to kill your opponent than your opponent requires to kill you. If you were both to have aimbots, aiming for the body, he would win first on full-auto fire.

Thus, it is imperative that you make sure that your opponent misses all (or at least most) of his shots at you.

#4. Don't throw grenades.

Time spent throwing grenades is time that could have been spent pouring lead downrange. Grenade spamming was a great tactic back in the old days of Combat Arms, when the 3-second rule applied no matter how many rounds you fired. Now, throw a grenade and you're a sitting duck to other's bullets while you recock your gun.

When you get killed by grenades, resist the impulse to throw some. Statistically, most people who throw grenades often in a Junk Flea OMA match do not win and even have a low KDR. (Some exceptions to this are people like Mrtea, 2DayUWippo, BooFoo, and some others - I have seen them play in OMA, and -whew!- they really know how to place nades and still survive long enough to get some shots off.)

#5. Don't run away.

It's happened to everyone - you're in that tunnel, and someone's firing at you on the other end. Click! Your G36E has just run out of bullets. While you're fumbling in your vest for that spare magazine, you turn around and try to escape your opponent. He, however, is not buying it, and puts a few rounds in your back, and you die.

If you should run out of ammunition, just keep swerving and jumping while you reload and then keep firing. If you run away, you will always die. I swear.

#6. Some tactics that will work in Elimination won't work in OMA.

My personal opinion is that the only difference between Junk Flea (and only Junk Flea) Elimination and OMA is that in Elimination, you keep moving forward.

What I mean by that is that usually in Elimination you don't have to worry about looking back or worrying what's behind you becuase if your team is competent at all, there will either be someone from your team there or whichever enemy was back there is now dead.

In OMA, you must turn 360 degrees every few seconds. That way, you will know exactly what threats are on any side of you. Be warned, however, excecuting this somewhat difficult manuever may unleash cham accusations from whoever you kill.

In OMA, once you kill someone, move away from the area instantly. If you were on your way to the tunnel and you kill someone on the staircase, jump off, etc. For some reason, this works very well in keeping yourself alert. Each kill, I turn around and jump a bit just to see if someone's there, and, more often than not, someone is.

#7. Ignore some enemies.

First scenario: You've got your trusty MP5 at hand with a 30 round magazine inserted and the bolt forward, ready to fire. You ascend the stairs of the Alpha spawn and there's someone on the roof of the Bravo spawn. You immediately open fire at him, and expend all 30 rounds, and someone with an assault rifle picks you off.

Second scenario: You've got your trusty M416 CQB, with the fancy Itech sight, and you're on the roof of the Bravo spawn. Someone's descending the stairs near the tunnel on the Alpha spawn! You immediately open fire at him, and someone from the ground, the side, or underneath you kills you.

In both scenarios, the mistake made was that the player both 1) Overestimated the power of their firearm and 2) Neglected to acknowledge the enviorment (Junk Flea) they are in.

Let's face it, your MP5 cannot reach someone from the other side of the map. At most you will damage them or someone else, but you will most certainly die if you keep trying to shoot that unreachable player.

Let's face it, your M416 CQB's sight is a bit restrictive, and you can't really see what's around you if you're scoped, and (the most depressing thing is) unless the person you're shooting at is AFK, an idiot, or is holding an SR, you're probably not going to kill him.

Remember that Junk Flea is a close quarters battle enviroment. Most people don't bother using sights at all (I don't) and unless you acknowledge that, your score is going to suffer.

Well, that's all I have for today. Have fun in the junk Very Happy
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Neeb's Junk Flea OMA guide.
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