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PostSubject: Castaways(EONT)   Mon Nov 09, 2009 3:40 am

Do you ever wonder what happens to those soldiers that leave our great and beautiful clan of Eagleops? well this report is on a Castaway of Eagleops. i was in a PowerSurge CTF using my pistol too kill people cause i felt like messing around. when i satrted the game i came out of spawn and headshot a spawn camper with it and they called me a hacker. during the game that person continued to call me a hacker and at the almost end of the game he said that i aimbot to which i replied "i dont aimbot i dont always get headshots" the person then replied with "theres a torso aimbot you know" about that time the game ended and after the game in the lobby he commented on how i was in Eagleops. he said that he was in Eagelops once and it had a lot of bitching in it(i dont agree with him) i replied that "it must be contagious cause you were bitching about me that whole game" he also said theyre were hackers in this Clan which i disagreed. I then said "im frapsing this and went to desktop to start up Fraps when i got back to combat arms he left. The Castaways name was psychohoe which i think suits that bitch.

WELL THAT ENDS EAGLEOPS NEW TONIGHT BY FIGHTA1O1=D(please note that the EONT i make are greatly biased. make of it what you will i could care less)

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PostSubject: Re: Castaways(EONT)   Mon Nov 09, 2009 4:26 am

I hate people that hackusate so quickly, but i dont think she was ever in this clan. Anywho, even if she was good thing you pwnt her.
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