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 LimeSalt, I dun know where to go

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PostSubject: LimeSalt, I dun know where to go   Thu Dec 31, 2009 7:28 am

After Half a month being in EagleOps u all may know i was inactive for a month. Many of i have lost deep connections with and i just want to say im sorry. You have kicked me and I have wanted back in and when i got that opportunity nuthing really feels the same. Theres just no one i can connectg with. Liek wut batman sayed to me "you arent my friend anymore" i guess me helping EO might be no more. In my mind there is no reason to stay in it. But my heart is telling me to stay. It is up to Bat to keep me in or not. The clan's friendship with me is the only reason im even on CA. Well if i get kicked There is no where to go cept try to join another clan. As of now there is no where i want to be cept here. I have made it from a lvl 1 clan to lvl 4. There arent much people liek those here. I just want my friendship with you guys to be liek it was b4. Without it there is no purpose in me in CA. I have helped this clan the very best i could, from wen i first joined, lvling the clan up, winning, losing, being an admin, being a leadr. I have been w. u guys through tough times, will you come for me. Im
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LimeSalt, I dun know where to go
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